Polyurethane Polyurethane Stainless Steel Groundwater Dam Ruler ESMWL-100 Steel Electric Measuring Water Level Gauge /sensor

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Polyurethane Polyurethane Stainless Steel Groundwater Dam Ruler ESMWL-100 Steel Electric Measuring Water Level Gauge /sensor
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Grade: Industrial
Warranty: 1 years
Customized support: OEM
Model Number: ESMWL-100
Product name: Groundwater dam Steel ruler gauge electric water level gauge /sensor
Range: 100m
Material: Polyethylene polyurethane stainless steel
Medium: water
Minimum reading: 1.0mm
Repeat error: ±2.0
Power supply: 9V battery
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Model Number: ESMWL-100
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water level meter

ESMWL-100 Groundwater dam Steel ruler gauge electric water level gauge /sensor

1.Quick view

Ruler water level is one of the most accurate tool for measuring the water level for measuring wells, drilling and water pipes in the water level, particularly suitable for artificial dam seepage line patrol hydropower project in the groundwater level observations and embankment dam body inspection. During the construction of the instrument can be used also as a long-term safety monitoring works with, in line with earth-rock dam safety monitoring technical specifications.


Changes in the amount of water readings have two parts:
1, material buried underground part, by the water pipe and bottom components.
2, ground receiving equipment - ruler water level, by the probe, ruler cable, the receiving system and winding drive and other components.
1) probe parts: stainless steel, internal installation of water resistance contact measurement precision, and skill of the operator concerned, it should be repeated exercises and operations.
2) ruler cable sections: the ruler and craft combined with plastic wire, both to prevent the ruler rust, but also simplifies the process of operation, the measured reading is more convenient and accurate.
3) receiving system components: Audio and peak indicating composition, sound emitted by a continuous beep from the buzzer, the peak is indicated as voltmeter pointer, two can be chosen by a toggle switch, no matter what kind of reception system, the accuracy is consistent readings.
4) winding drive parts: the winding disc and brackets, the receiving system and battery whole place winding core cavity, the cavity around the outer core cable ruler


1) soil moisture sensors are widely used in agricultural irrigation systems, soil moisture monitoring, hydrological monitoring and other aspects of water conservation, and the number of mining and its long-distance transmission equipment which may constitute a telemetry system.
2) For example, when the soil is arid, remote alarm system, while the control system automatically switches the pump and valve control, to automate irrigation.
3) When combined with some additional sensors, you can also calculate the evaporation of soil moisture and crop water needed parameters.

4.Technical data

Measure range





Minimum reading


Repeat error


Working voltage:


5.use method

1, when tested, loosen spools behind only tighten the screws, press the power button (power indicator light), the probe into the water pipe, holding ruler cable, allowing the probe to move slowly toward the next
2, when the probe contacts come into contact with water, the receiving system sounder will emit a continuous beep, then read out the ruler cable in the depths of the nozzle at a depth dimension, that is, the water table distance from the nozzle
3, if the measurement noise is relatively large environments hear a beep, indicating the peak could be replaced, as long as the selector switch on the instrument panel can be allocated to the voltage block, measurement method as above, when the accuracy of measurement at this time measured with the same precision sound.
Users reading test must note two points:
After A, when the probe contacts come into contact with the water, the sound will sound or voltmeter will indicate immediately, you should slowly ruler retractable cable so carefully to find the pronunciation or indicate the exact position of the moment reads the depth dimension of the aperture pitch.
B, the accuracy of the readings, decided to promptly determine peak song or directions starting position


1, due to the limited battery capacity, when the measurement is completed, you should immediately turn off the power switch, do not forget!
2, you must probe and ruler measuring cables, etc., wipe clean after, and the ruler cables neatly wound on spools, and then placed in the bin.
3, the probe sealing work requirements, prohibit demolition, to avoid damage.
4, the probe found faulty, please send me the factory for repair in a timely manner.
5, the ruler should not bend the cable, especially near the ends of the probe, so as not to damage and breakage.
6, the probe should be gently, avoid severe shock.

7.The instrument should be stored at a temperature of -10 ~ + 40 , humidity less than 80% of non-corrosive gases under dry and ventilated room

order information:
Model: ESMWL-100
Measuring depth: 100m
Resolution: 1mm
Repeatability error: 0.2mm
Power supply: 9v battery

level sensor

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